Driving More Reuse & Recycling

Plastic bags are reused 77.7% of the time


“Single-use plastic bag” is a misnomer. Across America, the vast majority of consumers choose to reuse plastic bags for a variety of household purposes.

According to research from Recyc-Quebec, plastic bags are reused 77.7% of the time, frequently as small trash can liners. On the other hand, data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reveals 12-13% of plastic bags are recycled.

Taken together, data show our members products are either reused or recycled a rate of nearly 90%. But we know we can do more. As part of our sustainability commitment, we aim to ensure that plastic retail bags are reused or recycled 95% of the time by 2025. Learn more about how ARPBA is promoting bag and film recycling.