IncreasingRecycling Rates

Plastic bags and similar films are 100% recyclable through the store takeback program ARPBA members helped pioneer with their partners in the retail sector. However, the industry recognizes the importance of increased consumer education around how to recycle these products, which are generally not accepted through curbside or municipal recycling programs.

Retailers of different sizes across the country help participate in the industry-pioneered store takeback program. As a part of the industry’s sustainability commitment, we are dedicated to ensuring consumers have easy and convenient access to these bins located at our retail partners.

Alongside traditional plastic retail bags, many different types of stretchy plastic films can be recycled through this program. Be sure to bring back your products like wrap from paper towels and toilet paper, bread bags, newspaper bags, and other film products to be recycled in the collection bins at your closest grocery store.

As policymakers increase their focus on recycling claims, product labeling, and the use of recycled content, helping the public understand what can be recycled and how to do it is paramount. As an industry, ARPBA’s members are working with public and private stakeholders to raise awareness, preserve and expand access, and drive innovation and investment in recycling advancements.