The Voice ofThe Industry

The American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance (ARPBA) represents the interests of U.S.-based manufacturers and recyclers of plastic bags, an industry that collectively employs more than 20,000 hardworking Americans across the country.

As the voice of the industry, ARPBA works diligently across the country to set the record straight around carryout bag policy, educating the public, activist organizations, and policymakers about the industry and its products and fighting back against burdensome, counterproductive, and ineffective regulatory approaches like bag bans and taxes.

ARPBA also strives to promote sustainability through the supply chain, educating consumers on proper recycling habits, promoting existing recycling programs for plastic shopping bags and similar recyclable products, and supporting public policy that promote recycling and recycled content. ARPBA’s members are united in the belief that without a sustainable product, we won’t have a sustainable business.