Representing Manufacturersand recyclers

The American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance (ARPBA) represents the U.S.-based manufacturers and recyclers of plastic retail bags.

Originally founded in 2005 as the American Progressive Bag Alliance, ARPBA is the voice of the industry, educating policymakers and consumers about the American-made and 100-percent recyclable plastic retail bags its members manufacture across the United States. ARPBA works with policymakers, activist organizations, businesses and consumers to educate about the industry’s products, practices, and priorities through direct advocacy, novel partnerships, and earned media.

In addition to changing the organization’s name in 2020, ARPBA members also adopted the first, voluntary, and membership-driven sustainability commitment. ARPBA’s focus on sustainability emerged from the industry’s recognition that without a sustainable product, we would not have a sustainable business. Among other facets, ARPBA’s sustainability commitment includes goals of increasing the levels of recycled content, increasing rates of recycling and reuse for plastic retail bags, and promoting public policy that truly advances sustainability.