The Frontline Defense Against Plastic Bag Bans and Taxes Nationwide

The American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance (ARPBA) represents the U.S. plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry, which employs thousands of workers in 40 states. Founded in 2005, the ARPBA proactively promotes product lines and leads numerous public policy initiatives that serve as the frontline defense against plastic bag bans and taxes nationwide.

With the support of the industry’s workers, the ARPBA promotes American-made plastic products that are the smartest, most environmentally friendly choice at the checkout counter for both retailers and consumers.

Plastic bags are 100% recyclable and highly reused.

The manufacturing process for paper bags uses 3 times more water and emits 2 times more greenhouse gases than plastic grocery bags.

Plastic bags may get a new life as eco-friendly raw material for playgrounds, construction materials and new plastic bags.

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In the News

DEC’s plastic bag ban was so confusing that state must pay plaintiffs’ court costs, judge rules

January 21, 2021 by Times Union

ARPBA Director Zachary Taylor is quoted in this article about New York’s plastic bag ban. According to the article, the state’s rollout of its plastic bag ban last year was so muddled and confusing that a judge awarded court fees to the plaintiffs who had sued over the prohibition. However, the governor’s budget proposal calls for legislation that would exempt from the ban some of the same types of bags that were at issue in the lawsuit. According to Taylor, “Proposing changes to the ban underscores what we have long said: Its current form is broken and unworkable. Unfortunately, the changes don’t make the law more workable.”

Opinion: Plastic bags are recyclable — just be sure to recycle right

January 4, 2021 by Missouri Times

An environmental activist recently penned an opinion column in the Missouri Times calling plastic bags “fundamentally not recyclable.” However, the central claim of the piece is simply untrue — plastic bags are 100% recyclable as long as they are recycled correctly. Pushing out this misinformation undermines efforts to improve recycling rates and move our economy in a more sustainable direction. Zachary Taylor responds with an op-ed detailing that while plastic bags typically cannot be recycled in curbside programs, they are 100% recyclable when taken back to grocery and retail chains.

Deciding what is holiday trash or recyclables

December 25, 2020 by KENS 5

The holidays leave plenty of refuse and recyclables. So, which is which? ARPBA Director Zachary Taylor recently joined KENS 5 to discuss how to dispose of plastic bags, film, and air pillows from online holiday shopping. Instead of placing these items in your home recycling bin, they should be taken to plastic bag recycling drop-off bins at grocery and retail chains. “What consumers need to look for is either it has the chasing arrows symbol we’re all familiar with. It’ll be a thin, stretchy kind of plastic. That’s a good sign that it can go back to the store with your bags. Alternatively, now there’s a small logo on it that actually says ‘take back to the store’ so consumers can be certain”

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