The Frontline Defense Against Plastic Bag Bans and Taxes Nationwide

The American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance (ARPBA) represents the U.S. plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry, which employs thousands of workers in 40 states. Founded in 2005, the ARPBA proactively promotes product lines and leads numerous public policy initiatives that serve as the frontline defense against plastic bag bans and taxes nationwide.

With the support of the industry’s workers, the ARPBA promotes American-made plastic products that are the smartest, most environmentally friendly choice at the checkout counter for both retailers and consumers.

American-made plastic bags are produced from byproducts of natural gas, not oil

Plastic bags may get a new life as eco-friendly raw material for playgrounds, construction materials and new plastic bags.

Bans can increase costs, making it hard for businesses to comply – especially hitting small businesses.

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In the News

Confusion around plastic bag ban continues ahead of its expected enforcement

October 12, 2020 by WTEN

ARPBA’s Zachary Taylor is featured in a recent WTEN news segment on New York’s plastic bag ban. The segment details the chaos and confusion surrounding the statewide plastic bag ban ahead of enforcement, which is set to begin on Oct. 19. Taylor said the law “included a prohibition on plastic carry out bags unless a bag was an exempt bag. The law was written in such a way that it would prohibit essentially any bag made of plastic” including reusable bags. He also stated that the legislature should step in and fix the unworkable law.

For consumers and small businesses, New Jersey needs to ditch its bag ban

September 23, 2020 by

In a recent opinion column, ARPBA’s Zachary Taylor discusses the plastic and paper bag ban legislation making its way through the New Jersey Legislature. This legislation is the nation’s most restrictive bag ban, which will impose new costs on those who can least afford it amidst the ongoing public health crisis and economic downturn.

Letter to the editor: Bag ban ill timed

September 16, 2020 by

ARPBA’s Zachary Taylor penned a letter to the editor praising policymakers and businesses for erring on the side of caution and suspending plastic bag regulations, which ensured that retailers, frontline workers and consumers had peace of mind during the pandemic. “In New Jersey, the bag ban that activists are pushing misses the mark, preventing retailers from offering the only product that delivers both reassurance and the least environmental impacts: the plastic retail bag.”

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