Don't need a bag?Don't take one

For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword. It’s the most important part of our jobs. ARPBA members believe in recycling and the use of recycled content as a core component of their businesses.

Today, our member companies are not only in the plastic bag manufacturing business, but also in the recycling business, recycling hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic bags and film each year.

As an organization, ARPBA places sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. Without sustainable products, we don’t have a sustainable business. Everything ARPBA does, from the public policy positions we take to the education and outreach initiatives we manage around recycling and research, is done with sustainability in mind.

This is only the beginning. As an industry, we are committing ourselves to these efforts and more in the coming years. Every life cycle assessment of carryout bags that has ever been done shows that the traditional plastic grocery bag is the most environmentally friendly option at the counter, as long as it is disposed of properly. We are proud to manufacture products that meet that standard, but we can always do more. Our commitment is to go above and beyond in advancing sustainability around the country.